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Answers to your Questions

Sometimes the lake or river is cold and your dog can get quite stiff after swimming. Your dog may get a pebble stuck between his toes or your dog mat get lake water in his ear and need to go to the vet to clear his ears.

At K9 Aquatics, the water is always warm and clean. We doesn’t use harsh chemicals like chlorine that are in a backyard pool, but we sanitize & disinfect with UV light and Pure natural enzymes. Staff is with your dog at all times in the water and they knows how to properly assist your dog in/out of the water. 

The temperature of the water is between 85 to 92 degrees. 

The water is safe to drink but we don’t encourage it. 

The pool is 8 feet by 20 feet and is 4.5 feet deep.

No, as the center is for canine wellness and well-being, we do not require a formal referral directly from your vet. 

No, as lessons are private and you don't come in contact with other dogs.

However, living in the various cities of southern Nevada do require a rabies vaccination or titer level showing immunity per Nevada Statutes 441A.410, 441A.435 and 441A.430.

For your first session, please complete the Intake Form and Waiver/Agreement here.

Please don't feed your dog 2 hours before your session.

Please brush your dog within a day of coming to swim and trim his nails, too, if possible.

Please ensure your dog goes to the bathroom before entering the spa. There is space along the side of the facility for us to use.

Please do not apply commercial flea products to your dog within 5 days of a session, as they may leach into the pool and onto your Practitioner. 

No Vaccines 4 days prior to a swim.

There is only one dog and one practitioner in the water at once.

No, the human clients are not allowed in the water. 

Yes, you can stay and watch your dog's session.

The practitioners are very patient and will help your dog overcome his fear. They take their time helping the dogs adjust to the pool environment, and their emotional well-being is as important as our physical well-being. 

No. Breeds like Boxers are not natural swimmers at all. With that big, deep chest, they don’t float or swim easily. We can help your dog learn how to swim with a gentle assist in the pool and/or a life jacket, if needed.

Most dogs can swim on their own when properly assisted, but if your dog truly needs one, we have life jackets in all sizes.

Yes, but it is imperative that you tell us about the incontinence before you come so that we can take precautions, as accidents in the pool may require a complete water change. We can express bladder and bowels before entering the pool to prevent accidents. Failure to inform us about incontinence may result in a $200 charge, if your dog poops in the pool.

Right after a session, your dog may need to go to the bathroom and when you get home, your dog will feel pretty good and invigorated. Often after a session your dog will be energetic and playful but then will settle into a long nap.

To read about how swimming may benefit your dog, see the Benefits of Warm Water on the website of the Association of Canine Water Therapy.

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